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Graduation 2021 Announcement

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Event overview

We are delighted to announce our HN Graduation Ceremony and celebratory reception will be held on campus on Saturday, 23 October. 

Event Details

We will be back on campus and students eligible for graduation will be able to attend the ceremony.

Restrictions and social distancing measures will be in place in-keeping with government guidelines. Read our Covid-19 update for more info on restrictions.

If you are eligible for graduation, you will receive an email to your personal email address next week. Follow the instructions enclosed to ensure you register in time. More information will be on our website and social media channels soon. Why not register your interest on our event page on Facebook?

Save the date!

We can't wait to celebrate your success!




  • Date:
    Saturday 23 Oct

  • Time:

  • Location:
    West Lothian College