We are delighted you have been offered either a conditional or unconditional offer on a School College Partnership course at West Lothian College.

Your course should have started on the 24th August. 

We have attached forms which you will be required to bring with you on your first day. You may wait until you get back to school to fill the forms in. Your school contact will have hard copies. If we are starting the academic year online the forms may be sent to us via email through your school contact. More information on returning to college link below.

In addition, you will have an EE2 form to fill in at school. School will share this completed form with college to prevent duplication.

 If you have any questions please contact enquiries@west-lothian.ac.uk.

Please note, it is now mandatory for all school students to wear masks when coming onto campus.

Delivery Overview

Returning to College

Schools Learner Agreement

Photo Consent Form