Due to a Scotland-wide dispute over pay, some lecturers are planning to take part in a series of strike days organised by their trade union over the next few weeks – starting on Wednesday 16 January.

This is a national strike – individual colleges are not able to negotiate pay locally. Discussions at a national level are taking place to agree a solution as quickly as possible.

With some lecturers on strike, most classes will be cancelled on Wednesday 16 January. We won’t know until the day of the strike which lecturers will not be in, so we can’t be certain which classes might still take place.

If you are worried that your class will be cancelled, you should feel free to use the day to study at home using Moodle and/or materials for your course. Although most classes will be cancelled on Wednesday 16 January, the college will be open if you want to use facilities such as the Library and the E-Meal Cafe.

We apologise for any inconvenience and concern this causes you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Student Association (located on the first floor of the Street Building) or Jenny Stalker, Head of Quality and Learner Services by telephone on 01506 427910 or by email at

Classes will take place as normal on Thursday 17 January.