Cookery student wins scholarship

West Lothian College student Tyler Watson has been awarded a Hospitality Industry Trust (HIT) Scholarship to help her gain valuable experience.

The Level 6 Professional Cookery student was award the scholarship, which will see her work under premier pastry chef Ross Sneddon to learn about viennoiserie, at the HIT talent conference in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Viennoiserie, traditional French pastry craft, was something Tyler had her heart set on, she said: “I really like the sweet stuff, I’ve got a sweet tooth and really want to be in the pastry kitchen so doing the high knowledge and techniques, especially at Balmoral, will be amazing.”

Scholarships were awarded in several different operational areas of hospitality, and at all levels from new employees to senior managers. Scholars from all over Scotland, from large cities to the islands were involved in the awards.

Tyler added: “I’m really happy, I’m quite proud of the fact that I got it because in the interview they said I might not get it because I can’t use it straight away in the industry, so they said they might give me something else but I really wanted that one so yeah, I’m really happy that I got it.”