Automotive students shine in online skills zone

Four students from West Lothian College have made it into the top ten of the City and Guilds Skills Zone National Leader Board.

The college’s Centre for Construction and Motor Vehicle piloted the City and Guilds Skills Zone online portal this year with their students to help them with the development of essential skills that employers desire.

The students who made it into the top ten were James Harley-Miller in 1st place, Patrick Sobkobwicz in 4th place, Malcolm McDonald in 5th place and Tori-Leigh Adams in 8th place.

This was the first time that the college has used Skill Zone. Although some students were unsure about it to begin with, they soon became familiar with this style of learning. After a couple of tries they were working through the Skill Zone without hesitation.

Lecturer Robert Drummond said: “One of the things I like about Skill Zone is that students can access it anywhere and on their phone, which means they can work on it at home, and when they are on the bus or the train. It has been a great tool and saved time in the classroom allowing us to concentrate on other parts of the students’ coursework.”

West Lothian College Principal, Jackie Galbraith added: “The students have done a fantastic job and we’re very proud of their achievements. It’s great that their hard work has put West Lothian on the skills map at a UK level. I’m also proud of the commitment and innovation from the lecturers who are supporting our students to get the most out of the Skills Zone.”