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  • Start date:   August 2019
  • Level of Qualification:   Schools - SCQF Level 5
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    SCQF Level:   05


This course is for students who are interested in photography and/or art in 4th or 5th year of study at school. It may also be suitable for 3rd year pupils, who are encouraged to apply.

The skills you learn on this course will help you pursue a career in professional photography and other visual communications.

Friday 1:15pm-3:15pm
Duration: 1 year
SCQF Level: 5

  • What the course includes

    You will explore the basics of analogue and digital photography and achieve the following SQA units:

    • Introduction to photography
    • Digital imaging

Why choose this course

You will receive expert guidance and support from our skilled teaching team, and learn more about and gain skills in photography.

Entry requirements

Students with an interest in photography and/or art.

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    Where the course leads

    The course will help you progress on to Higher Photography at West Lothian College or further study.

Interview arrangements

We invite students as a group to meet with a member of the photography team and to carry out a task to see if you are suitable for the course. There will be an informal discussion about what you are looking for, to answer any questions, and to explain what the course is about and what college can offer.

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Take that next step in your career and apply for this course today. If the course is not yet open for applications, register your interest or feel free to ask any questions by clicking make an enquiry.