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Computing & Cyber Security

School’s NPA Cyber and Software LEVEL 6 (TUE & THU)

  • Start date:   August 2024
  • Level of Qualification:   SCQF Level 6
  • Course Type:   Schools Course

School’s NPA Cyber and Software LEVEL 6 (TUE & THU)

This course will allow students to attain a double NPA in both Software Development and Cyber Security, giving the key fundamentals and key for success in many of our further education programmes. 

Start date – Aug 2024

End date –  Jun 2025

SCQF Level -  6

Mode –  Schools Course

Days: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons
Times: TBC
Duration: 1 year

Students will learn sought after skills, on how to protect individuals and businesses from becoming victims of cyber-crime and how to detect and investigate cyber intrusions.

To do this students will learn the basics of cyber security from legislation to hands on practical work, providing a solid foundation in cyber security. 

Alongside cyber security, this course will also teach software development, introducing students to core concepts from industry and skills in web development and software. This course will provide learners with programming skills allowing for employment as an entry level computer programmer, as well as the skills and qualifications to progress onto more advanced HNC courses.

The course also includes a Level 7 STEM Leader award, which involves researching a STEM topic and presenting the topic in a subject related format.

  • What the course includes

    This course includes identifying security issues, analysing and tracing evidence of security breaches and knowing how to hack systems. 

    Students will learn all about identifying security issues and get the skills to protect against, and discover the identity of those who try to steal personal information. This course can lead to enhanced knowledge of cyber security and digital forensics, which in turn can improve skills or lead to employment and/or further study in the sector. 

    Students will be introduced to techniques that are important in the IT sector such as Computing Applications Development, Computing: Authoring a Website, and Software Design and Development. 

Why choose this course

This course will allow you to work towards two NPA qualifications whilst building on key concepts from computer Science that will allow you entry into our HNC programmes. 

Entry requirements

Two National 5 qualifications at a pass, in English and either Math or a Science base subject, and you should have an interest in computer science.

  • Where it will lead


    • HNC Cyber Security, HNC Computing  


    • Modern Apprenticeships 
    • Entry Level Programmer 
    • Software Developer 
    • Software Engineer 
    • Enhanced Employment Opportunities

Interview arrangements

A face to face interview will be conducted by the course tutor, lasting up to an hour- it will include practical and/or theoretical aptitude test.

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Take that next step in your career and apply for this course today. If the course is not yet open for applications, feel free to ask any questions by clicking make an enquiry.