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  • Start date:   August 2019
  • Level of Qualification:   Short Course
  • 03
    SCQF Level:   03


This entry level staff training course is delivered either on or offsite, in a workshop format and is suitable for every employee or employer in Scotland regardless of sector. The course provides practical and demonstrated guidance and recommendations on how to successfully integrate within the workplace the necessary knowledge and understanding of the relevant waste management regulations and legislation that must be adhered to.

Start Date:  Various dates available. Please contact                         for more information
Days of Week: Thursday
Time: 9.00am-4.00pm
Duration: 1 day
Cost: £95

You can download an enrolment form here

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  • What the course includes

    This course aims to provide an introductory understanding of:

    • The substantial environmental and recycling efficiency benefits that can be achieved. (Specifically the significant reduction in C02 emissions and increased diversion from landfill)
    • The regulative and legislative requirements on all businesses with regards to the correct and appropriate identification, segregation, collection and disposal of the waste produced
    • The potential severe financial penalties and criminal consequences for non-compliance

Why choose this course?

The course is strongly focused on providing detailed information, guidance and worked examples so that the learner understands the significant reductions that can be gained in both the companies Carbon Footprint and reduction in the C02 output when the correct recycling procedures are implemented.

  • Where it leads


    • Enhanced employment opportunities

Interview Arrnagements

There is no interview required for this course.

Fees, Finance and Funding

As stipulated by Skills Development Scotland (SDS), applications for Individual Training Account (ITA) funding for 2019/20 study are now on hold as of 26 April 2019. If additional funds are made available, this may be reopened. For up to date information on ITA and the rules and regulations surrounding them please visit

To discuss payment options for your course please call 01506 427558 or email

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