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  • Start date:   August 2021
  • Level of Qualification:   SCQF Level 4


This award will give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in handling information, in understanding and using computer networks, and in using social media safely, legally and ethically. 

You will also develop confidence and skills in using digital devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops and you will gain an understanding of digital citizenship that includes educational, community, political and business aspects.

Start dates: 30 August 2021
Duration: 11 weeks

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    What this course includes

    The course covers Information Literacy, Network Literacy and Social Media Literacy which means you will cover such things as knowledge and skills in using and understanding information. To make sense of the changes in society that are being caused by the ‘information age’, which we are currently experiencing. You will gain skills in using a wide range of information tools to help you work with, and take advantage of, information in your personal, social and work life.

    You will use and gain an understanding of various social media platforms. While most people use social media to some extent, the background to social media (what it is, how it came about, etc) is little known. Also, the implications of the use of social media are not well understood. These implications can affect your employment or relationships.

    You will gain the essential knowledge and skills about network devices, such as smartphones and PCs, and network systems, such as the internet, so that you are able to confidently use these devices on a daily basis for personal or social purposes.

Why choose this course

If you want to improve your technology skills or to enhance your digital skills to improve your employment prospects or progress in education.

Also a suitable entry qualification for progressing within education.

Entry requirements

This course is funded through the City Regional Deal and is aimed at Women Returners. Women who are looking to re-enter the workplace after taking a break.

A desire to enhance computer skills and knowledge about the importance of data.

If English is not your first language, ESOL Level 5 is an entry requirement for this course.

Other qualifications and/or experience will be considered.

  • fees

    Where does it lead

    You can apply to move on to either NPA Data Science Level 4 or Level 5.

    You may also be able to apply for a full time NC level course or an HNC level course, which is the equivalent of first year university.

    Eventually a career in use of applications and data science.

Interview arrangements

You will be invited to a group session will be held followed by a short one to one interview either online or on campus.

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Take that next step in your career and apply for this course today. If the course is not yet open for applications, register your interest or feel free to ask any questions by clicking make an enquiry.