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Introduction to the Emerging Technology Sector

  • Start date:   August 2023
  • Level of Qualification:   SCQF Level 4
  • Course Type:   Short Full-time

Introduction to the Emerging Technology Sector

This course will provide students with an introduction to some of the emerging technologies across various sectors within the Computing, Engineering and Built Environment faculty.

The course will have a focus on emerging technologies that are being developed to help achieve sustainability and net zero targets. As the world moves to a more sustainable way of living, having a good understanding of these technologies will not only showcase to you the emerging labour markets in this area, but also on a personal level what can be done to help achieve a more sustainable world.

  • What the course includes

    The course will include looking at electric and hybrid vehicles and alternative fuel source for the transport industry, it will also include engineering topics around the emerging technologies including PV solar energy and modern materials used in manufacturing. The course will also provide practical skills in construction looking at how homes are made energy efficient form insulation to how homes are heated.  

Why choose this course

This course will give you an opportunity to work across various departments with the faculty and allow for you to get a flavour of what each department consists of, which will allow you to make an informed decision on which career path might suit you best. This course will have a large amount of practical work and lab experiments which can allow you to see some of these technologies in action.  

Entry requirements

Student must be qualified to at least National 3 in mathematics 

Mature applicants without the necessary minimum qualifications will be considered on an individual basis 

Other qualifications will be considered on an individual basis 

ESOL level 5 if English is not 1st language  

  • Where it leads


    • Progression of this course could lead onto a level 5 Engineering, Construction or Automotive course 


    • Employment in the engineering, construction sector, or automotive industry
    • Once in employment, many continue to study within a Modern Apprenticeship framework

Interview arrangements

An interview will be conducted in person with either a practical or written test on the day. 

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Take that next step in your career and apply for this course today. If the course is not yet open for applications, feel free to ask any questions by clicking make an enquiry.