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  • Start date:   May 2020
  • Level of Qualification:   Short Course
  • 04
    SCQF Level:   04


This course introduces a range of foundational mindfulness practices which will be explored in greater depth in the Mindfulness for Life Course. This course offers a supportive space to begin your mindfulness journey.

Start Date:  11th May 2020
Days of Week: Monday
Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Duration:  4 weeks
Cost: £50

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  • What will I learn

    This course will cover a host of subjects including:

    • What is mindfulness? Noticing the here and now. 3 stage breathing space
    • Sitting and resting. Body scan. Mindfulness in daily life
    • Sitting and resting. Mindful movement and walking
    • Mindfulness is always mindfulness of something, maintaining your practice and what is the next step in your journey

Why choose this course

If you are interested in mindfulness and wish to gain practical experience of the foundational practices, this course will help you to establish a mindfulness practice to encourage greater self-care.

Entry Requiements

  • There are no entry requirements for this course
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    Where it leads


    • Mindfulness For Life

Interview Arrangements

There is no interview required for this course.

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