Travel & Tourism

The travel & tourism industry is continuing to grow as individuals place greater importance on their leisure time, travelling and holidays. The introduction of greater flight paths and more choice between airlines, such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Jet2, means it is now easier than ever before to access countries worldwide, and as such, people are travelling across the world, opening up the market to greater opportunities for both consumers and those looking to enter into employment within the industry.

As a college, we offer travel & tourism at Level 6 to prepare you for employment within this industry. We also condense parts of the course to allow you to be free from college commitments at crucial times for the industry, freeing you up for employment when the demand for knowledgeable staff is high. Level 6 students will complete their course by the spring break.

We have excellent links with local employers and related organisations, and we use these relationships to benefit our students by bringing in knowledgeable speakers from the industry. Our previous travel & tourism students have engaged with sessions at British Airways and from managers at the 5 star Sheraton Hotel.

As a college, we know that not all learning takes place within a classroom or college setting. We take our students out to various different organisations and settings, with previous students visiting Crieff Hydro and Peebles Hydro resorts for an overnight trip, allowing them to experience the industry from the consumer’s point of view, with some students being tasked with organising all aspects of the stay, including all activities.

Previous students have had the opportunity to engage with Historic Scotland, Linlithgow Travel, The Sheraton, Barrhead Travel, The Balmoral and Macdonald Hotels. Following experience gained over the course, previous students are now in permanent employment with large organisations such as Macdonald Hotels and Jet2. Previous students have also had the option to travel abroad for a work placement, with groups travelling to both Annecy in France, and the prosecco region in Italy.