Net Zero Plan

West Lothian College recognises that it has a responsibility to act in a sustainable manner and to promote sustainability through appropriate teaching and institutional practice. We embrace this role and consider it our duty to reduce any harmful practices brought about by our operations and to prepare our institution, students, staff and community for future challenges.

Our approach to sustainability at West Lothian College is guided by the following key aims:

  • To reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions and to encourage others to do the same.
  • To include consideration of Learning for Sustainability (LfS), also known as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), within our teaching.
  • To minimise material use and waste generated through college operations.
  • To encourage students and staff to adopt sustainable modes of transport.
  • To train the workforce of the future by offering students opportunities to gain green skills.
  • To develop green spaces on our campus to promote biodiversity.
  • To prepare our students, staff and campus for the impacts of climate change.
  • To procure goods and services from a supply chain which is sustainable.

To achieve our aims we will pursue actions in the following areas:

  • Net Zero Plan: To maintain a 5-year Net Zero Plan to guide actions towards achieving the Scottish College sectors’ 2040 Net Zero target.
  • Working Groups: To encourage clear leadership and shared responsibility for sustainability action through dedicated working groups identified in the Net Zero Plan.
  • Reporting: To publicly report on our progress to Net Zero and to monitor our progress using frameworks such as the Climate Action Roadmap for FE Colleges.
  • Energy usage: To seek funding for and deliver projects to reduce energy usage on campus.
  • Awareness: To raise awareness of sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through regular engagement and events.
  • Teaching: To integrate sustainability and knowledge of the SDGs into our teaching and to regularly monitor our contribution toward the SDGs.
  • Green skills: To deliver a curriculum which provides students with green skills, making use of the Alex Linkston Skills Centre for Sustainable Living.
  • Travel: To maintain a robust Travel & Subsistence Policy which supports the Sustainable Travel Hierarchy and encourages the use of public transport and active travel.
  • Biodiversity: To develop our campus into an area of rich biodiversity for local wildlife through the work of staff, volunteers and partners.
  • Adaptation: To identify and prepare for the threats presented to the College by climate change through Business Continuity Planning, risk assessment and climate change adaptation planning.
  • Waste: To minimise waste and ensure that any waste produced is managed correctly, by working with students, staff and waste contractors.
  • Procurement: To develop a sustainable supply chain by working with our procurement partners, APUC, and suppliers.

West Lothian College will review this statement annually to reinforce our commitment to sustainability and to ensure that our aims and actions remain relevant.

The college Net Zero Plan was circulated in June 2023. 

Net Zero Plan