Nathan Millward, NPA Introduction to Plumbing

Nathan Millward is enjoying studying NPA Introduction to plumbing at West Lothian College. 

29 year old Nathan is fully aware of the enhanced employment opportunities a qualification in plumbing can create: 

“The knowledge and understanding the course provides has given me a wider understanding of the plumbing industry and will hopefully help open doors to an apprenticeship or employment.”


Nathan is quick to comment on how the course covers all aspects of plumbing resulting him gaining a sector wide insight to the trade and ensuring once qualified, West Lothian college students are fully prepared for any eventuality. 

“What I really like about the course is that it covers so much. We learn the complexities of heating and plumbing in both commercial and domestic settings.” 

Nathan is finding his time at West Lothian College to be very rewarding and would offer the following advice to anyone considering applying for a course: 

“Make the most of the opportunity you have at West Lothian College, attend the classes and stick in and you will find the experience very enlightening.”  

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