Mia-Renee Millan Childhood Practice Level 6

Mia-Renee Millan is studying Childhood Practice Level 6 at West Lothian College.

She was granted exceptional entry to the course by her school. This allowed her to come to college full-time at the age of 15 whilst still under the guardianship of her secondary school.

She is now 16 and has settled into the course very nicely. Even if she does feel that childcare is her natural calling.


“I come from a really big family and I have a lot of little cousins who I look after so this seemed like the natural thing to do. I never really had a choice in the matter! I love the course though, It really is amazing and I really enjoy the placement. I am learning so much.

The difference between school and college for me is huge. College gives you the freedom to learn on your own but also offers the help if you need it. I like being able to work independently.”

I want progress onto the HNC course and then I’m not sure if I want to go on after that or if I want to look for a job. I guess time will tell.”

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