Jordan McDonald HNC Events

Jordan McDonald came to West Lothian College looking to gain a qualification in accounting. After gaining some work experience, it became clear that accounting was just a small part of the bigger picture when it came to her career path.

Although Jordan had never thought of events as a career path, her lecturers knew she would be a natural.

“I had been working within the NHS before coming to College and I thought accounts was what I wanted to do. I enjoyed the work but I found an accounts office to be too quiet for my liking! My lecturers agreed and they pushed me towards events saying my personality was suited to the course. Now we are a few months into the course I totally agree with them!”

Jordan, who lives in Bathgate, has quickly settled into the course and is very much a fan of the fact that no two days are the same.

“We get to learn so much but we get to do so much as well. For example, last night I was working at Oktoberfest and at Christmas, I will be working with Colours, who are one of the biggest dance companies in the world. They run Coloursfest which is a huge dance festival and they have events in Ibiza so working with them is a huge opportunity and will be a great experience.”

Looking to the future, Jordan is hoping to progress onto university to learn more about the corporate side of events.

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