Gordon Paterson HNC Engineering Systems

Gordon Paterson has gone from student to technician to lecturer at West Lothian College. However his journey started by studying HNC Engineering Systems.

 "I decided to return to studying with an HNC Engineering Systems at West Lothian College, to help me move into the developing area of green and renewable energies.

I’ve always been a bit of a geek and loved science and learning, so engineering seemed like a good choice for me. I was slow to pick things up at first after being away from learning, but the course was very exciting and very challenging."

He excelled at the course and was awarded West Lothian College’s Engineering Student of the Year award in recognition to excellent work and commitment to his studies.

Gordon would go onto complete an HND in Engineering Systems and graduate from Napier University with honours as an associate student. 

He is now passing his knowledge onto current students in his new role as a lecturer in the engineering centre at the college.

"The biggest thing I learned was that I am capable of much more than I originally believed. Hopefully I can pass that message along to others in my new role at the college."

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