Edward Currier NC Health and Social Care Level 4

More and more people are returning to education after a significant amount of time has passed since school.

Edward Currier is a mature student at West Lothian College. He is currently studying preparation for health and social care and the decision to return to education is one he is glad he made.

"People ask what the highlight has been and I don't think I could pick one single time as there have been many enjoyable moments but I think opening my mind to education after a long gap has definitely been a massive positive."

The course provides a grounding for those wanting to work in the health and social care professions. It gives various options for progression, and involves classroom study and work experience all of which Edward has found to be very beneficial.

"Building relationships with my classmates and just being at college has given me a lot more confidence in myself and my ability to learn."

When asked what advice he would give to any prospective mature students Edward said:

"If you get the chance to return to education you definitely should. Coming to college has given me so many opportunities and experiences that will benefit me in years to come."

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