Amanda Slane Skills Boost - Health and Social Care (NHS)

Amanda Slane recently completed a Skills Boost in Health and Social Care (NHS).This was a complete change for her and the start of a whole new career path.

Amanda tells us her story in her own words;

“Before I started the NHS Skill Course I was a manager in a hotel in Livingston. At the start of lockdown I knew it was only a matter of time before all staff were furloughed so I took the opportunity to move into the care sector doing community caring and can safely say I loved it. 

I saw the NHS Skills Boost course on the college website and knew it was a chance to further my career within care and with the NHS. I thought the opportunities and skills on offer would be endless and the course didn’t disappoint.

I am really interested in working in phlebotomy and possibly moving into a career in nursing and the skills I have picked up on this course have been most helpful. 

If I was to describe the NHS Skills Boost course I would say it’s been great! It’s a fantastic opportunity to prepare you for a position within a hospital or community care. The staff have been amazing and always there for support if needed. 

I would 100% recommend this course to anyone in or out the care sector. If you’re looking for a career within the NHS I would say join the course, it’s a great stepping stone into the NHS & the team leading the course are fantastic!”