Alexander Curran Preparation for Construction

Alex Curran has bee very surprised at just how much he has learned since starting the Preparation for Construction course at West Lothian College.

" We really have learned a lot. My favourite part of the course so far has been brick laying so it has been very interesting to learn about the different types of brick and how each one has a number of different uses."

The preparation for construction course is for those who are thinking about a career in construction. Students gain an introduction to skills such as plumbing, tiling, roofing, brickwork, decorative painting, carpentry and joinery. It includes classroom and workshop-based activities preparing students for further study or employment.

Students also receive the opportunity to develop skills through work experience and volunteering.

Alexander is one of many students at West Lothian College who has enjoyed learning a brand new skill-set.

"The course has taught me so much and even though I'm not too keen on the plumbing aspect of the course, it is still another skill studying at West Lothian college has allowed me to learn."

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